A complete practice solution for every specialty

Novadontics Has the Versatility Specialty Practices Need

Novadontics’ all-in-one cloud-based practice management software features specialized checklists, logbooks, charts, and guides for a wide range of specialties, including endodontists, oral surgeons, periodontists, and prosthodontists.
Managing a specialty practice requires a system with versatility and adaptability to unique situations and workflows. Novadontics provides all of this and more—including reduced overhead costs, improved efficiency, and advanced analytics to make sure your practice runs smoothly and successfully no matter what your specialty.

Discover What Novadontics Can Do for Your Specialty Practice

Provide Advanced Patient Care with Confidence

Novadontics offers access to expert knowledge through its integrated Checklist Guidance module, online video consultation with expert clinicians, and Continuing Education module with access to 300+ lectures and clinical videos from world-renowned speakers, empowering you to provide the highest standard of care possible.

Capture and Store High-Quality Visual Records

The Dental Photography Guide directly integrated into the photo uploading process allows you to efficiently capture predictable and meaningful visual references that are invaluable during the course of patient treatment. The cloud-based X-ray and CT Scan module allows you to easily capture and upload intraoral x-rays as well as upload CT scans and panoramic x-rays into patient files.

Perform Consistent Diagnostic Data Collection for Predictable Treatment Results

Novadontics provides unique and complete diagnostic data collection tools, including Clinical Notes, Full-Arch Implant Exam, and Smile Design modules. These electronic flowcharts are integrated in the patient files, guiding you through the exam process to help you make informed treatment decisions, thereby improving your success rate and minimizing your risk for treatment complications.

Gain Valuable Insight into Practice Trends with Interactive Logbooks

Novadontics’ integrated Interactive Dental Implant Logbook and Bone Grafting Logbook are designed to record and track detailed information about all implants placed in the dental office. Used as integrated features in the Novadontics platform, the logbooks are automatically populated with implant and bone grafting data that is entered in patient files. Information also can be directly entered and edited in the logbooks either as part of the Novadontics package or as standalone features.

Easily Communicate with Patients and Other Providers

The Nova SharedCare feature integrated in the Novadontics platform allows you to share selected patient records with another provider in a HIPAA-compliant environment with just a few clicks. Novadontics also makes patient communication a breeze with Automated Appointment and Recall Reminders, Online New Patient Registration and HIPAA-Compliant Patient Forms, Online Patient Bill Pay, and our Find-A-Dentist (FAD) app, the only online dental appointment booking app that is fully integrated with a practice management system, allowing new patients to quickly and easily find you and book an appointment online.

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