Implant Logbook

The Electronic Interactive Dental Implant Logbook from Novadontics

Imagine all your implant data organized and at your fingertips

Novadontics Implant Logbook makes this dream a reality!

Few dental practitioners have time to sort through hundreds—perhaps thousands—of patient treatment records to assess important trends in their implant practice.

This one-of-a-kind, copyrighted software aids in future treatment planning and purchasing decisions that will optimize patient care and the success of your implant practice by allowing you to:

Search and sort data by implant brands and sizes, surgical and loading protocols, bone density and stability measurements, and more.

Know at a glance when implants are within 30 days of their projected restoration date using the automatic reminder feature. This allows office staff to easily identify and contact patients who need to be scheduled for the restorative phase of treatment.
Export detailed reports about specific implant data for practice management or research purposes.
Import x-rays from patient files to show bone levels over years of treatment.
Access all of your data, synced in real time on mobile devices.
Mark failed implants with a date and reason for removal, which will be automatically calculated into the implant success rate for the office, conveniently displayed on the main Implant Logbook page.
Rest assured that all your data is stored in the Cloud and on a secured, HIPPA-compliant server with AWS.

Understanding where we’ve been is essential to know the best way forward, and implant treatment is no exception.

The Electronic Interactive Dental Implant Logbook from Novadontics is designed to record and track detailed information about all implants placed in the dental office. Used as an integrated feature in the Novadontics platform, the logbook is automatically populated with implant data that is entered in patient files. Information also can be directly entered and edited in the Implant Logbook either as part of the Novadontics package or as a standalone feature.

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Implant Logbook

Icons and color coding provide at-a-glance recognition of implant and patient status.

Implant has been restored or is in the healing phase.

Implant is ready to be restored.

Patient does not have a Novadontics file.

Implant has been removed.

Data displayed in the Logbook is: automatically populated from data entered in the Clinical Notes in the patient file or can be entered directly in the Logbook.

Changes to or deletion of data in the Logbook can be done in the logbook or in the Clinical Notes in the patient file (if the notes are not locked) and will be reflected in both locations.

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