Online All-on-X Master Clinician Program

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This program covers the treatment planning, surgical, prosthetic and laboratory phases of full-arch immediately loaded prostheses for edentulous patients and those with terminal dentition. Lectures and surgeries will present evidence-based proven protocols for proper treatment planning for the full-arch immediate loading, including treatment planning for All-on-4®. Participants will learn how to properly place implants in the All-on-4 configuration, take open tray and closed tray impressions for All-on-4 prosthetic solutions, and perform bite registration.

The program also covers provisional and permanent prosthesis design and fabrication, biomechanics and occlusion for All-on-4, hygiene requirements and protocol for long-term success, and alveoloplasty procedures.


Program topics include:

  • Full-arch treatment planning
  • Case selection
  • Diagnostic data collection
  • Principles and guidelines of immediate loading
  • Prosthetic workflow
  • Step-by-step protocol for in-office printed provisional restorations
  • Complications and solutions

Doctors will earn 50 continuing education credits for completing this program

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