Mobile Dental Services

Cut costs and improve operational efficiency

Novadontics' Cloud-Based System Moves with You

Novadontics’ all-in-one cloud-based practice management software, which can be accessed anywhere, anytime, and on any computer or mobile device with internet access, is the perfect solution for mobile dental practices.

Managing a mobile dental practice requires a system with versatility and adaptability to unique situations and locations. Novadontics provides all of this and more-including reduced overhead costs, improved efficiency, and advanced analytics to make sure your practice runs smoothly and successfully no matter where you are.

Discover What Novadontics Can Do for Your Mobile Dental Practice

Lower Your Costs

Skip the huge investment associated with servers and software as well as the significant ongoing costs of backup, support, and upgrades. Novadontics is a SaaS (Software as a Service) company, meaning there is no upfront cost to purchase software, and one monthly payment covers usage, data hosting and backup, technical support, and upgrades. And the savings don’t stop there! Our integrated Novadontics Marketplace gives you huge discounts that can significantly lower your startup costs.

Manage Your Practice on the Go

Novadontics’ powerful practice management capabilities are available whenever you need them, directly from your web browser. Transition from your desktop or laptop to your mobile device without missing a beat—your planning activity automatically syncs across devices.

Optimize Practice Efficiency

Novadontics has all the tools you need to manage your mobile practice efficiently, including an easily customizable Appointment Book, intuitive Clinical Notes, cloud-based X-ray and CT Scan module, and more, all integrated directly in the platform. The Dashboard and Reports module provide valuable data about your practice at-a-glance, and the Nova SharedCare feature allows you to share selected patient records with another provider in a HIPAA-compliant environment with just a few clicks.

Elevate Your Standard of Patient Care

Novadontics offers access to expert knowledge through its integrated Checklist Guidance module, online video consultation with expert clinicians, and Continuing Education module with access to 300+ lectures and clinical videos from world-renowned speakers, empowering you to provide the highest standard of care possible, wherever you go.

Make Patient Engagement Effortless

Novadontics makes managing appointments and patient information easy for patients and office staff alike with Automated Appointment and Recall Reminders, Online New Patient Registration and HIPAA-Compliant Patient Forms, and Online Patient Bill Pay.

Help Patients Find You

Novadontics Find-A-Dentist (FAD) App is fully integrated with the practice management system, allowing new patients to quickly and easily find you and book an appointment online.
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