Your Free Consultation

1: Complete Your Novadontics Patient Intake Form

Upon arriving to the office you will be greeted by our friendly office management staff, who will provide you with the Novadontics new patient intake form, which you will be asked to complete. This should take no more than a few minutes.

2: Complimentary 3D CT Scan Is Performed

After you have finished your paperwork, a 3D CT Scan will be completed. This is a necessary step in order to precisely evaluate the conditions of your jaw bone and for the doctor to be able to select the best type of treatment, number and size of implants, and the best type of prosthesis for your treatment plan.

3: Meet the Doctor for a Free Initial Examination and 3D CT Scan Evaluation

After the 3D CT scan is complete, your doctor will evaluate the scan and then perform a clinical oral examination. The information he or she gathers will provide the necessary information to discuss the different options for the type of prosthesis and length of the treatment. (Most patients are candidates for our same-day teeth protocol.)

4: Meet with Patient Care Coordinator to Discuss Financing Options for Your Customized Treatment Plan

Next you will meet with the patient care coordinator to discuss recommended treatment plan options, the cost per option, and the financing options available to you. Novadontics offers multiple financing options and is well known for its quality and affordability.

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