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Novadontics™ technology helps us collect the data that makes implant placement highly predictable.

Data points collected from the patient’s 3D CT scan, smile line, and occlusion are combined to provide information in a simple format that allows us to determine the best course of action given the patient’s specific situation — all before we even start the treatment. The availability of all of this information in the Novadontics app makes treatment seamless from beginning to end.

150 Checks to Perfection™

The type of treatment provided with Novadontics Smile can be quite complex, but Novadontics has standardized the way it is performed for greater predictability. Dr. Louie Al-Faraje, the founder of Novadontics, is also a pilot, and he often compares the diagnosis and treatment planning process to a preflight checklist, which is essential to complete before takeoff. Based on this concept, he developed a set of 150 points that need to be followed in order to complete a Novadontics Smile case.

Peace of Mind

Standardization of the Novadontics Smile treatment through the use of the 150 Checks to Perfection ensures that the proper steps are followed and greatly minimizes complications. There are many cases in which a doctor simply misses one or two things, and these small mistakes change the course of the whole treatment, unfortunately often leading to complications and even failure. It’s very difficult to perform this type of treatment without making a mistake, which is why following the points on the checklist is highly important and effective for minimizing risk and standardizing treatment. This translates into peace of mind for both the doctor and the patient.

The Benefits of Computer-Generated Prostheses

What’s really amazing for patients who are going through the Novadontics protocol is that we’re using digital technology in order to fabricate their final restoration. It’s incredibly accurate. It allows us to three-dimensionally plan the final tooth shapes and forms, and we can see what it will look like before it’s even made.

This technology not only is precise but also takes into account all of the data we’ve collected about the patient from the beginning to create an accurate fit, form, and shape of the teeth. The Novadontics Digital Treatment Optimization helps to eliminate mistakes because it requires doctors to follow the checklist before they can start treating the patient. Once they’ve performed all the proper analytical actions and evaluations and subsequently entered all that information, they can start the case with confidence. Everything has been preplanned, so there’s really no room for uncertainty or misdiagnosis because they’ve taken the time to get all of the details right before they start treatment.

The main benefit of having a digital process for fabricating a patient’s final restoration is that the precision and the accuracy are much higher than what has previously been possible in dentistry. An additional benefit is that if the prosthesis breaks, all the data has been digitized and can be retrieved so the teeth can be remade using the same computerized milling process.

In the end, this means that your new teeth allow you to talk, eat, and smile with confidence, exactly as you would if you had your own teeth back again.

Nobel Biocare Dental Implants

The benefit of using the very highest-quality implants is that you have a large manufacturer and brand name behind the product, with years of clinical research to show that their implants are better. Nobel Biocare has the latest technological advances and updates their products each year to ensure they’re on the cutting edge. When you have a company that’s willing to stand behind their product and provide support, the patient gets the very best level of service.

Geistlich Products & Supplies

In the majority of cases where a patient has missing bone, we are able to perform a bone grafting procedure that adds sufficient bone structure to allow the dental implant to be stable enough to last over the long term. In such situations it is of utmost importance to ensure we are working with the highest-quality bone grafting materials. Geistlich is well known in the industry for setting standards of excellence and innovation in biomaterials.


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