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Why Novadontics

With over forty million fully edentulous people in the western world (44% of them in the US), a number growing by at least 6% per year, the dental implant market is positively exploding! Contrarily, corporate dentistry and practice takeovers by conglomerate brands are negatively impacting patients’ freedom of choice, the autonomy of independent doctors like you, and your ability to adequately compete.

Today’s reality, coupled with the fact that the most common industry solutions for treating failing dentition are still predominantly performed in a conventional manner (simple dentures), has created a significant market opportunity in restorative implant-based solutions, most prominently, the full arch immediate loading treatment modality. While this technique itself is not new, our exciting disruptive innovation solution with app-based software technology will not only help your practice survive, it’ll allow it to thrive! With 20 years of experience, 4 industry-leading textbooks published with the prestigious Quintessence Publishing, and over 2000 doctors (including yourself!) graduated from his advanced training courses at the California Implant Institute, Dr. Louie Al-Faraje is a leading expert in the implant field. A respected practitioner and renowned teacher, he’s now the revolutionary innovator of a next-generation data & technology-driven method of full-mouth rehabilitation using dental implants.

We’ve called it Novadontics™ and it offers you:

  1. Software Technology: license for our proprietary iPad app plus other integrated technology tools
  2. Smart Checklist Predictability: standardized, exhaustive protocol detailing 150 Steps to Perfection™ in 3 visits
  3. Collective Purchasing Power: tremendous implant-related products, services, and capital equipment, from world-leading suppliers such as Nobel Biocare, discounted close to 50% off list pricing
  4. Extensive Support Network: available via VoIP, video or onsite intervention for consultation and treatmentplanning, surgery, prosthodontics, lab, anesthesiology and more; you’ll never have to refer-out again
  5. Corporate Branding Power: Full-scale brand awareness building and multi-media advertising and communications
  6. Advanced Education & Training: continuing education credits and annual training to stay at the top of the industry
  7. Increased Revenue: territory expansion and new patient capture for maximized profitability

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Our clinicians have years of experience and have studied at many of the country's top tier educational institutions.

*The above university references do not constitute any specific university endorsement or affiliation with Novadontics.

Not being able to chew and not being able to eat made it really easy for me to make the decision to do it. The results are incredible, and I am so happy. I am eating things that I can’t remember eating in years. Gosh, it’s like going to heaven."Craig
My name is Eric Roberts, and you may know me from movies, music videos and television. Over time I began losing my teeth. There were great flaws to all the procedures we researched. And then we happened upon Dr. Louie Al-Faraje (Founder of Novadontics) and his brilliant method. It’s been relief after relief from that moment on. My experience receiving new teeth was more a dream come true than I could ever have imagined. To have a fresh start like this ~ It’s a true renaissance. I’ve suffered no pain, no slow down in work and activities. It’s simply something I hope becomes available to everyone who may have problems in such a vital area."Eric Roberts
It was a very, very good experience. The doctors were very professional and understanding; I’d do it all over again. I first did the top teeth and came back a few months later and had the bottom teeth done."Lavon
I can tell you that the quality of expertise, the professionalism, the respect, and the attention to detail I experienced was immeasurable. It was the best dental experience of my life; that’s how incredible it was. A pain-free, awesome experience. They feel like natural teeth, wonderful and solid."Mark
From the get-go the pain was minimal. Seven teeth were removed, and then I got implants. I was in the dental chair for 5 hours and was not in any pain. My experience has been very positive. Right away I started to eat soft foods, and had no problems with that. My gums feel good; they don’t feel sore."Sue
I have teeth, and it is wonderful! The Novadontics staff are some of the kindest, gentlest, most intelligent medical personnel I have ever dealt with. They talked me through the entire process; they explain everything. It was a blessing, and I am super, super grateful and happy."Suzy