Novadontics Guarantee

novadontics guarantee

Novadontics Smile Providers are not just any dentists, they are the best in the field and they are committed to getting things right the first time with our triple guarantee.

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Our Novadontics guarantee:

  • BEST TECHNOLOGY – Our proprietary digital technology, integrating 3D CT scans and the app-based 150 Checks to Perfection™ method, delivers the most precise and predictable results possible.
  • BEST TRAINING – Our Providers are graduates of the California Implant Institute, where they undergo rigorous and ongoing dental implant training that allows the procedure to be completed by the same Provider, in one location, from start to finish.
  • BEST PRODUCTS – Our partnership with leading brand-name companies ensures that all of the products we use are of the highest quality at an affordable price.

Why Are Novadontics™ Doctors Preferred by Patients?

Patients who choose Novadontics Providers have confidence in the knowledge that they have a highly trained doctor in all areas of implant surgery, oral anatomy, and implant prosthodontics. They are equipped with experience in creating the perfect prosthesis to match the patient’s desire for a beautiful smile. These doctors continually hone their protocol and skills through annual training courses at the California Implant Institute, which are required for all Novadontics Providers. The Novadontics name provides reassurance that the expected results are consistent from doctor to doctor. In addition, the Novadontics protocol reduces the effort required by the patient because they only need to see one doctor for their entire implant treatment.

The Novadontics Guarantee

All Novadontics Smile Providers have been awarded a DDS or DMD degree, are board-certified, and have extensive experience in both general dentistry and implantology. They are all also graduates of the California Implant Institute’s globally renowned Masters Program, one of the only worldwide institutions to feature hands-on training in multiple cases with live patients.

In addition, because all Novadontics Smile Providers attend mandatory annual trainings and continuing education courses, Novadontics Smile patients can rest assured that their doctor always remains on top of advances in technology, implant protocols, and procedures and is knowledgeable regarding the latest developments in the industry in general.

    Over 50,000 procedures completed
    Our clinicians have years of experience and have studied at many of the country's top-tier educational institutions.


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