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Ensure your transformation is successful by taking advantage of Novadontics unique Fly In program. Don’t let distance keep you from getting the stunning results you deserve.


Why Fly Into Novadontics?


Depending on where you live, it may not be possible to receive the exceptional care and excellent results you’d like to get from a dental implant procedure in your own backyard. That doesn’t mean you should give up… you’ve now found Novadontics!

Novadontics clinicians do thousands of dental implant procedures every year and because we have so many locations across the United States there’s likely a center within a short flight of where you live. This is why patients from all over the country have chosen Novadontics. We make it easy for them – and for you – with a convenient “Fly In” program.

Also, by traveling a short distance and returning after a quick recovery no one has to know your little secret!

If you’re interested in smile transformation procedures but live outside one of the metropolitan areas where we have a center, your needs can still be conveniently met. Our “Fly In” specialist will assist you, like so many others, to make it hassle free for you to achieve your new smile goals. Let us do all the work and you can just enjoy the results!

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Over 50,000 procedures completed

Our clinicians have years of experience and have studied at many of the country's top tier educational institutions.

*The above university references do not constitute any specific university endorsement or affiliation with Novadontics.