Common Questions

What is included in my free consultation?

You will receive a thorough consultation, including a 3D scan to determine your bone density and whether you are a good candidate for implants as well as a discussion of your treatment and financing options.


Why is Novadontics™ different?

1) Every Novadontics Smile Provider has been carefully selected because of their superior dental implant training. They are graduates of the prestigious California Implant Institute with extensive dental implant and full-arch restoration training to complete every procedure from start to finish without the need to refer patients to other doctors.

2) Every Novadontics Smile Provider uses only the latest technology to plan and place implants. They use 3D CT scan equipment to determine bone density and to ensure you are a good candidate for treatment. They also use the patented 150 Checks to Perfection method to ensure your case is planned perfectly, with the lowest chance of complications, as well as computerized lab equipment to ensure your final teeth are perfect.

3) Every Novadontics Smile Provider uses only the highest-quality products and materials. We have partnerships with the best product manufacturers, who have proven over time to consistently get predictable results and a minimum of failures. Because of these partnerships, our providers have access to the products at a reduced fee, so they can pass the savings on to their patients.

What does this all mean? It means you have a provider you can trust to give you the best possible treatment at an affordable rate.


Can I chew any food I desire with my Novadontics Smile?

Yes. If you are a candidate for the Novadontics Smile, you will be able to eat any of the foods you desire, such as steak, corn, or nuts, with your new teeth.


Does my Novadontics Smile require special cleaning or care?

Your Novadontics Smile requires you to take care of your replacement teeth as if they were your natural teeth. You will need to brush and floss your teeth and get regular cleanings as you would with natural teeth.


Why are dental implants better than dentures?

The difference between an implant and a partial or full denture is that implants are fixed. They don’t come out of the mouth, so you don’t have to worry about your replacement teeth loosening or not fitting. They also provide an incredible level of strength when chewing. With implants, you can eat all of the foods you like, without the risk of embarrassment, in any environment. They are very low maintenance. Most dentures will become loose or need adjustments periodically over the years. Implants are designed to last a lifetime as they integrate with the bone and maintain their functional position. They don’t come out. They don’t have the wear and tear issues that dentures have.

Placing partial dentures often involves reducing natural teeth that may not even need a crown in order to provide support for the denture. In contrast, dental implants are incredibly conservative. There’s no need to destroy other teeth. You simply replace the one tooth that’s missing.


How soon until I get my new teeth?

Most patients will receive their temporary fixed (nonremovable) prosthesis the same day as the surgery. This prosthesis serves to make sure the replacement teeth fit properly, allowing any adjustments to be made before your final prosthesis is created.


Is the process painful?

Most patients report very minimal discomfort during and after the procedure. All of our providers also offer sedation options for their patients.


What are the chances of failure?

Every dental implant has the possibility of failing. The most common reason for failures is improper treatment planning. All of our Novadontics providers have spent hundreds of hours training both in the classroom and doing live surgeries to ensure they can minimize complications before they arise. Additionally, by using 3D CT scan equipment and the 150 Checks to Perfection method, we ensure that we take every measure to ensure predictability.


How does Novadontics make implants affordable for me?

In general the price of dental implant placement is going to depend on several factors. The education and training of the doctor as well as the type/brand of dental implant and other materials being used in order to complete the procedure all combine to generate the price that you will pay.

Price shopping for a dental implant is very risky. There are no regulations as to who can or cannot place a dental implant. There are 1- or 2-day courses for a doctor with little to no experience to begin to learn the basics. There are also very advanced courses like those offered by California Implant Institute, which include thousands of hours and months of training, including both didactic (lecture) and hands-on live surgery. The problem arises when there are complications. Complications usually arise from improper treatment planning and/or improper diagnosis. Additionally, the experience level of a doctor in handling and managing complications when they arise can be the difference between an implant lasting for life and an implant failure. When shopping for dental implants, make sure the doctor has the proper training, technology, and products to handle complications. Every Novadontics provider has all three and can give all of this to you at an affordable rate. At your complimentary consult, your Novadontics Smile Provider will present a few options, with a price range from a couple thousand dollars up to $25,000.


Why are Novadontics product partners the better choice?

The benefit of using the very highest-quality implants is that you have a large manufacturer and brand name behind the product, with years of clinical research to show that their implants are better. Nobel Biocare has the latest technological advances and updates their products each year to ensure they’re on the cutting edge. When you have a company that’s willing to stand behind their product and provide support, the patient gets the very best level of service.


How do I find a Novadontics Smile Provider near me?

To find a Novadontics Smile Provider near you, simply click on the Search bar at the top of the page and enter your address, city and state, or zip code to get a list of your closest Providers. You can also call us at the number at the top of the page, and one of our representatives will find you the closest provider to either your home or work.


Why are Novadontics doctors so highly skilled?

To become a Novadontics Smile Provider, a doctor must go through extensive training. Novadontics Smile Providers are graduates of the California Implant Institute (CII), which is run by Dr. Louie Al-Faraje, a leading authority in the field of implant dentistry. CII is the most comprehensive international training institute for doctors to learn how to place dental implants. It includes hundreds of campus hours comprised of classroom and didactic lectures in addition to multiple week-long live surgery programs to put the classroom knowledge into practice. Currently, CII’s Master Program is the most comprehensive dental implant training available worldwide.


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