All in One Center

Novadontics is a group of highly educated doctors who have superior education and hands-on training in the art and science of oral implantology.

This level of excellence is applied to all patients, whether they are in need of only a single implant or replacement of a full upper and lower arch. Patients of Novadontics Providers experience the ease of having one doctor perform the dental implant surgery and place the fixed replacement teeth in one day and in a single location.

Unlike other dental implant treatment options, Novadontics recognizes that as a patient you want to know you’re in good hands, and you don’t want to be passed from doctor to doctor. Your Novadontics doctor will perform all stages of implant placement as well as delivery of fixed temporary and permanent teeth. This type of dedicated, personal care is why patients choose Novadontics.

What steps are involved in getting new fixed teeth with Novadontics Smile™?

  • 3D CT scan to measure bone density and ensure proper placement of implants
  • A set of facial and intraoral photographs for esthetic facial analysis and smile design
  • Surgical extraction of unhealthy teeth
  • Expert creation of prosthetic teeth at the exclusive Novadontics Smile Provider Labs
  • Implants placed in areas planned on the CT Scan
  • New fixed teeth applied to the implants
  • Continued support from your doctor, who remains your doctor in all of your appointments

Why are Novadontics doctors preferred by patients?

Patients who choose Novadontics Providers have confidence in the knowledge that they have a highly trained doctor in all areas of implant surgery, oral anatomy, and implant prosthodontics. They are equipped with experience in creating the perfect prosthesis to match the patient’s desire for a beautiful smile. These doctors continually hone their protocol and skills through annual training courses at the California Implant Institute, which are required for all Novadontics Providers. The Novadontics name provides reassurance that the expected results are consistent from doctor to doctor. In addition, the Novadontics protocol reduces the effort required by the patient because they only need to see one doctor for their entire implant treatment.

Contact us now for your free consultation, where you’ll learn more about the featured benefits of the Novadontics implant treatment process:

  • 150 Checks to Perfection™
  • Treatment performed all in one location
  • Stress-free, easy process
  • Affordable same-day teeth
  • Financing options to meet your budget

    Over 50,000 procedures completed
    Our clinicians have years of experience and have studied at many of the country's top-tier educational institutions.


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