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Like most of our patients, you may never have imagined that you would be able to have permanent teeth again, but with Novadontics you can!

Novadontics Patient Solutions provides an affordable way to pay for the care our providers prescribe. Our rates are low, our approvals are high. Decisions happen faster than ever before. And patients have the funding flexibility they need.

Novadontics is the smart choice™

Novadontics considers each patient’s unique situation; therefore, there is no prediction of cost until you come in for your free consultation. Upon assessing the patient’s desires and needs, the Novadontics team is able to provide an accurate cost for your specific case. With all services performed by one doctor, we’re able to keep costs much lower than other dental implant treatment centers.

Don’t let the cost of dental implants keep you from experiencing the quality of life you deserve! Novadontics™ offers several options for financing, and we have made the process of qualifying extremely easy. During your free consultation, your Patient Care Coordinator will help you determine the financial options that are right for you.

You might be surprised at how easy we have made it for you to afford to once again smile with confidence and enjoy eating all the foods you love.

Make an appointment for your free consultation today and start on your path to a new healthier and happier quality of life.

What To Expect At Your Free Consultation
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Something else to smile about

In addition to the obvious benefits of having just one doctor, the Novadontics Smile™ is streamlined to allow you to walk out with your brand-new smile in just three simple appointments.

Fewer appointments, one location, one doctor — Not only do you receive pristine service with convenience and care, but the inherent savings are also passed directly on to you!

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Over 50,000 procedures completed

Our clinicians have years of experience and have studied at many of the country's top tier educational institutions.

*The above university references do not constitute any specific university endorsement or affiliation with Novadontics.

You can't put a price on making your life better -- but you can make it attainable.

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Not being able to chew and not being able to eat made it really easy for me to make the decision to do it. The results are incredible, and I am so happy. I am eating things that I can’t remember eating in years. Gosh, it’s like going to heaven."Craig
My name is Eric Roberts, and you may know me from movies, music videos and television. Over time I began losing my teeth. There were great flaws to all the procedures we researched. And then we happened upon Dr. Louie Al-Faraje (Founder of Novadontics) and his brilliant method. It’s been relief after relief from that moment on. My experience receiving new teeth was more a dream come true than I could ever have imagined. To have a fresh start like this ~ It’s a true renaissance. I’ve suffered no pain, no slow down in work and activities. It’s simply something I hope becomes available to everyone who may have problems in such a vital area."Eric Roberts
It was a very, very good experience. The doctors were very professional and understanding; I’d do it all over again. I first did the top teeth and came back a few months later and had the bottom teeth done."Lavon
I can tell you that the quality of expertise, the professionalism, the respect, and the attention to detail I experienced was immeasurable. It was the best dental experience of my life; that’s how incredible it was. A pain-free, awesome experience. They feel like natural teeth, wonderful and solid."Mark
From the get-go the pain was minimal. Seven teeth were removed, and then I got implants. I was in the dental chair for 5 hours and was not in any pain. My experience has been very positive. Right away I started to eat soft foods, and had no problems with that. My gums feel good; they don’t feel sore."Sue
I have teeth, and it is wonderful! The Novadontics staff are some of the kindest, gentlest, most intelligent medical personnel I have ever dealt with. They talked me through the entire process; they explain everything. It was a blessing, and I am super, super grateful and happy."Suzy